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The onboarding and training is straightforward and comprehensive, and everyone on the team at HQ is extremely receptive and helpful. We have received all the support we need to grow a successful business.

Rachael Page – Oregon City

Own a Green Franchise

Clean Air Lawn Care is the industry’s leader for solar-powered lawn maintenance and organic lawn fertilization and treatments. Since 2006, the Clean Air Lawn Care franchise has created turnkey green business opportunities for sustainable-minded entrepreneurs across the country. The demand for clean, quiet, and safe lawn services is growing at a rapid pace; we have the ideal business model for meeting customer demands and exceeding owner expectations. Owning a green franchise is a great fit for people who want to be their own boss and make the world a a more sustainable place.


Green Business Opportunity

When you decide to become your own boss and launch your business, the financials are a very important part of that. You make this decision so that you have more freedom and can grow a business to whatever size you wish. We help you meet your goals! But what are the costs associated with a owning a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise? There is an initial franchise fee of $40k. From there we get you trained and begin supporting you in your launch. The royalty is 8.5%. This is revenue minus any materials purchased that we call “non-sweat”. Finally, we recommend a $10k budget for first-year.  Your total start-up costs are between $65,431 – $112,126 after equipment and trucks are included.

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Business Plan Support

We provide business plan optimization support to get your business dialed in and to support you in growing your profits and cash flow.

Sales & Operational Support

Our operational support team has you covered from our technology and tools to training and optimizing your business activities.

Marketing Support

From the time you become an Owner, HQ takes care of your strategy and implementation of your SEO, digital marketing, ad creation, and more!

Financial Support

Accounts receivable and customer set up are part of our financial support. We create your proformas within our financial models.

What is The Process Like?

After you do your due diligence, and if we think you’d be a great Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Owner, we will extend an invitation to a Discovery Day. A Discovery Day is a day that you spend with the HQ support team. You meet with every member of the team to get an inside look at the support you get and what it takes to run your business. After a Discovery Day, both the HQ team and the potential Owner will make the decision whether or not to move forward. Once you’ve decided to become a franchise owner, you sign our FDD and then you’re off! We’ll provide full training and support to help you make the most of your sustainable business.

1. Due Diligence
  • 1st phone call with Director of New Location Development. You will get to know each other, discuss the franchise business model, get your preliminary questions answered, and learn what it takes to open a franchise.
  • Ongoing communication with the HQ team and research on your location.
  • Gain a clear understanding of what it means to be a franchise owner.
2. Discovery Day
  • Visit Clean Air Lawn Care HQ in Fort Collins, CO to meet your franchise support team. If you are unable to travel here, we can come to you.
  • Learn about your territory, and get a detailed look at how your business will have early and sustained growth.
  • See a local franchise at work in the field.
3. On-Board Day
  • Also known as “Closing Day,” because it’s similar to closing on a home mortgage.
  • Takes place in-person or over the phone.
  • Walk through paperwork and answer any additional questions.
  • Signing your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Purchase Agreement.
  • Wire of franchise fee.
4. Training
  • Five days of extensive training at HQ in Fort Collins, CO 
  • Review the science of healthy soil and healthy lawns
  • Discuss the ins-and-outs of owning a small business; marketing, customer service, accounting, and develop a business plan.
  • Learn the specifics of day-to-day field operations, treatment applications and equipment use. 
5. Launch Your New Business
  • With help from HQ, open your business in your territory! 
  • We will have your website up and running and help you utilize digital marketing to generate high-quality leads from the start.
  • You will have regular calls with your support person to complete a launch checklist and answer any questions that may come up.
  • Get local PR for opening a sustainable business in your community.
  • Have fun getting to know all of your new customers and jobs.

“Selecting a franchise to invest one’s hard earned money and precious time is tough. In the end, the more I evaluated my prospective choices the more Clean Air set itself apart from the others: The team at headquarters is owner focused, the owner group is supportive, and the opportunity to do something so different from everyone else is rare; it’s the best opportunity I saw – by a long shot!”

“As a Clean Air Lawn Care franchisee, I looked forward to the independence and freedom of being a small business owner, but what I didn’t expect was the pleasure of having a positive impact on the environment and local communities while also being a part of the Clean Air family.”

“I love owning my own business. I didn’t come from a sales or marketing background, but I’ve truly enjoyed building relationships with my customers and providing top-quality service. Having support from HQ in areas like marketing and invoicing is extremely valuable, as it saves me time and allows me to focus on sales & operations. Having access to all the other owners is an invaluable resource since whatever question or problem you have, it’s very likely that someone else has experienced it already.”

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